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Dr. Heiko Beyer
Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Fachbereich G - Soziologie
Gaußstr. 20
D-42119 Wuppertal
Raum: O.13.05

Tel. 0202 / 439 - 5028
Fax 0202 / 439 - 3679

email: hbeyer[at]


  • Anomie or Imitation? The Werther Effect of Celebrity Suicides
    New Working Paper with Karlijn Roex (Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne) and...[mehr]
  • Economic liberalization triggers the diffusion of CSR among OECD countries.
    New working paper with Daniel Kinderman (University of Delaware). [mehr]
  • New study published: Based on German SOEP data, we find that a decline in income... significantly related to increases in lottery expenditures (but not to frequency of play).[mehr]


Dr. Heiko Beyer is a political sociologist with interests in sociological and social-psychological theories as well as in problems of empirical research methodology. His previous work particularly focused on the social incentive structure of resentments and discrimination vis-à-vis the acceleration of social change and related disintegration processes. Furthermore he has pushed forward empirical research on those phenomena by applying new methodological tools. At the moment he is working on his habilitation in which he deals with the dark side of the emerging transnational civil sphere and new cosmopolitanism's particularism.

Heiko received his Magister in Sociology, Philosophy and Cultural Studies from the University of Leipzig in 2009 (grade: 1.0, with distinction) and his doctorate degree in Sociology from the University of Göttingen in 2013 (grade: summa cum laude). He was a Fulbright visiting scholar at University of Michigan's Department of Political Science in 2012.


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